David Solomon

David’s experience of over 144 Siddhis of telekinesis, rapid healing, weather control, manifestation, powerful synchronicity led him to write “Magic is Real: How to Manifest Miracles, Become Enlightened and Make Spirituality Fun Again”, and launch Facebook.com/MagicalAscension, which has over 150,000 followers.

David inspires and empowers through guided astral journeys, helping you open your third eye and use your power as infinite awareness to explore multiple dimensions, including the Terminal of the Matrix, where the hologram of material reality is created.

A spiritual teacher and entertainer, David plays with spiritual concepts in ways accessible to everyone. Magic – powers of consciousness not fully scientifically understood – is a way of realizing our divine nature. The upcoming Magic Lab, where magical practices will be studied and amplified, as well as the founding of Atlantis Reborn as a 10M person city, are short and long term projects, ways to help usher in a new Golden Age by integrating the spiritual and material realms.

Having studied with over 15 teachers of various shamanic, buddhist, Damanhurian (Atlantean) and other traditions, along with serving as a channel, David constantly seeks to learn and grow. His current primary teachers are Lakshmi and Thoth, who he occasionally channels and embodies (to the extent his ego filter allows), along with the Galactic Alliance.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sixth Chakra: Third Eye Opening Workshop + Astral Journey

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    The Third Eye, Eye of Horus, the Pineal Gland: Learn all about what it is, how to heal, strengthen and open it - and generate your own DMT. Travel through the astral and dream realms. Connect with, see, feel and hear spirits, angels, divinities, past lives and other souls. See, feel, and hear energy. Sense another's emotions. Optimize your diet and lifestyle for optimal psychic and magical health.


    Receive energy work in a guided group field to help expand your consciousness and participate on a deeply journey of epic, colorful, joyful and intense proportions.

  • Sacral Chakra: Sexuality and Creativity Workshop

    60 min | Altar of Fire

    Your Sacral Chakra, the Svadhisthana / स्वाधिष्ठान (Sva-Dhi-Hist-Hana) is the core of your creative and sexual power.

    These powers have been hurt in many of us through cultural conditioning. Creative freedom is often associated with ideas like the "Starving Artist" and fear of judgments over the authentic way we share our ideas.

    What is holding you back from experiencing whatever you choose in ways that feel right and whole, expressed to your fullest?

    Learn how you can be compassionately mindful - and communicate others to do the same with you - so you can enjoy Creativity and Sexuality despite any wounds, traumas or negative conditioning from your past.

    Explore how to engage your Left Brain: Thinking, Analytical, Decision Making - while engaging in the Right-Brained activities of Creativity and Sex. We hope you can come!

  • Manifesting Money

    90 min | Altar of Air

    Money is Energy, like Chi (vitality) or Shen (Spirit)

    Learn how to feel the energy of money and 5 techniques to manifest more, and heal past wounds around Abundance and Lack. Find out if you are attracting or repelling money, and how to direct the flow for yourself and your loved ones. Money is a subtle frequency we can tap into. We all have money fields, money trauma, and strength to attract and hold money.


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