Danny Picard

Danny G. Picard CHt, OM is a highly tuned empath, Soul Coach, and Master Metatronia Therapist and 1 of 10 Official MT Workshop Facilitators on the Planet. He works with the potent healing frequencies of Archangel Metatron. Danny guides others with understanding the 7th Golden Age and the Ascension process. He helps energetically sensitive people come out of their shells and rise into a place of empowerment, using Hypnotherapy and advanced forms of energy medicine. Danny is a Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist, and supports people everywhere in understanding how philosophy, energy healing, holistic health, thoughts and Law Of Attraction all fit together. His passion is to teach the science behind healing and why it is so important. Danny has studied and practiced meditation since he was 17 years old and integrates meditation into all of his practices. He also engages seekers in one-on-one coaching and delivers transformational public speaking. Understanding the harmonic balance and vibrational patterns of life, he will make you laugh and heal in a fun way. Danny is the founder of The Epic Human Project, a community spiritual development center and energy medicine school in Portland, Oregon.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Magical Empath

    90 min | Altar of Water

    Have you ever felt weighed down by other people’s problems? Have you ever experienced feeling worn out after going to the store or hanging out with a certain friend? When someone gets hurt, do you feel their pain as though it is your own? Do you watch a movie and feel everything that is going on?

    Do you have a need to help and contribute to all of your community? Do you have a desire to help the Earth? Do you want to change the world but feel too run down by societal woes to even know where to start? Are you experiencing anxiety often?

    In this Presentation you will be inspired you to experience the magic within your sensitivities and your natural abiltiy of helping change the world.

  • Forgiveness is Sexy

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    The most profound way to clear unresolved energy is through forgiveness. The easiest way to feel inspired in life is by forgiving yourself. There is not any need to be self judgmental, or critical in this new day and age. Allow yourself new permissions to think in new ways.

    In this workshop the audience will be guided in a transmission of forgiveness while integrating Sacred and Divine tools of Alchemy to restore the heart and soul to its natural potential. The potential to love as much as possible.

    You will be guided into a potent healing like no other integrated with the Angelic Realms and many other high aspects of consciousness. Allow Spirit to be awoken within. Lay down, relax, and allow love to do the work for you.


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