Cryptocurrency Panel

Cryptocurrency Panel Members:

John Knott serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Merkle Tree Capital Management. Mr. Knott has been an advocate for blockchain technology since the inception of Bitcoin and was a part of the Cypherphunk digital encryption movement, which helped to bring digital privacy to many platforms.

Rye N Flint teaches workshops on solar powered cryptocurrency, as well as wild foraging, permaculture, mycology, fermentation, food forestry, celtic tribalism and myco-anthropoly.

Joshua Bridge is a Computer Scientist, Sales and Marketing Professional. He has been involved in the study and exploration of Crypto currency for the past 10 years and is the founder of He is also the co owner of the Microbiome Learning Center LLC. He continues to be a thought leader in AI, Microbiology. Cryptocurrency as it relates to Permaculture and Sustainability.

Brian N. Hewlett, Ph.D. (Dr. L.I.F.E.) has been diligently working on an economic model that will undergird a crypto currency fashioned for the Festival Industry

Jake Cox is a blockchain project assistant and community manager with experience dating back to 2012 as a fintech blogger, market analyst, and fund manager. His passions are blockchain governance and cryptoanarchy.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Decentralized Technologies for a Regenerative Future

    75 min | Altar of Spirit

    The Internet has radically transformed our world. We are now more connected and exposed to more information than we’ve ever been before. This reality has rendered many of the world’s traditional institutions of power ripe for disruption. The Internet itself, however, is built upon and accessed through centralized infrastructure susceptible to government and institutional oversight and manipulation. In order to maximally leverage the disruptive and regenerative potential that technology affords us, decentralized technologies and infrastructure must be built and properly implemented.

    Join us for a panel discussion on the regenerative potential of decentralized technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

Festival Locations:

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