Craig “Sim” Webb

Craig “Sim” Webb is an author/researcher on dreams, lucid dreaming and consciousness, as well as a physicist/inventor and recording/performing artist. His path was sparked 3 decades back when he nearly drowned on a rafting trip and suddenly began recalling ~10 dreams a day and having powerful lucid and precognitive dreams.

Since then, he’s graduated from McGill University, participated in pioneering lucid dreaming research at Stanford and at Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital, designed biofeedback tools sold worldwide, and helped found/produce Making Contact (a progressive radio show airing weekly on 150-250 international stations since 1993).

As an author, columnist, and invited expert for feature films, fortune 500 companies, and 1000+ international media, he’s shared cutting edge concepts about dreams, applied psychology, empathy, creativity, and the science of mind, as well as interviews with leading visionaries. For 25 years, he’s led hundreds of trainings and 1500+ miles of transformational outdoor quests with a refreshing style that blends soul, science, heart and (hopefully!) humor. Such programs have enabled CEO’s, celebrities, doctors, best-selling authors, and others from all walks of life to make profound breakthroughs while having a heck of a lot of fun.

He also performs music regularly (world music, kirtan, interactive multimedia body/heart/mind/spirit-awakening concerts), and hosts multicultural musical events, combining talented artists from various traditions. Craig’s personal evolution has included great masters during 3 decades as a a proficient and adventurous lucid dreamer and student of yogic, indigenous, shamanic, and other spiritual traditions.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Creative, Psi, & Lucid Dreaming for Enjoying a Deeply Inspired Life

    90 min | Altar of Air

    Hop aboard for an inspired journey that will explore the science, art, and experience of applied and lucid dreaming, including principles of consciousness, plenty of fascinating "enacted dream" examples, as well as creative dreaming techniques to help you cultivate, interpret, and harvest your dreams for artistic inspiration, healing, problem solving, attracting/improving relationships, skill mastery, and spiritual evolution. Prepare to have your mind stretched, your heart opened, and perhaps even your funny-bone tickled.

  • Dream Theater Playshop

    90 min | Altar of Water

    Connect with the tribe on a fun exploration of dreamland and dreamtime as you befriend, embody, play with, and move through your dreams so that the emotional gifts, insights, and guidance they carry can come true in your more and more lucid life.


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