Council For Peace

The Council For Peace is a collective of cultural wisdom keepers, indigenous elders, earth stewards, community guardians, and global healers who are dedicated to authentically connecting with each other and the planet in a way that serves sustainable, harmonic co-existence with all People. The first step is an agreement to be Lucid in our Awakened state; respectful and compassionate of each others different backgrounds, traditions, and ways of interpreting the world around them – in fact, seeing these differences as strengths, and finding the commonality within these differences. This is the essence of our collective spirituality and with this Spirit we unite and stand for Peace, Presence, and Prosperity.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Wisdom in Review - Visionary Panel

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    This visionary panel will review the wisdom garnered from the Council's internal work both before and during the festival.

Festival Locations:

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