Climate Panel

This Panel will be moderated by Tim Sexauer with Art Ludwig, Loren Luyendyk & Connor Jones:

Timothy Sexauer is an interspecies community facilitator. He is a student of the web of life, songwriter for Singing Dirt, and producer of the Muse Ecology podcast.

Art Ludwig designed his own education in Ecological Systems Design and is the author of Water Storage and Create an Oasis with Greywater. Art is an ecological systems designer with 28 years full-time experience in water, wastewater systems, energy, shelter and human powered transport. His specialty is complex, integrated “systems of systems.”

Loren Luyendyk has over 16 years of practical experience in Permaculture Design, ecological farming, sustainability, and horticulture. He has a degree in Botany from UC Santa Barbara, and is a Certified Arborist and Master Gardener. He is a Registered Teacher of Permaculture from the Permaculture Research Institute Australia, has training and experience with Keyline Design, Holistic Management, Natural Building, Biodynamic Farming, and The Soil Foodweb.

Connor Jones is a certified permaculture designer and teacher with a lifelong fascination for ecology, anthropology, and traditional food systems. His founded East End Eden a 10-acre family operated permaculture demonstration site in Ojai, California where he teaches regular workshops and offers mentorship opportunities through farm work trade positions. Connor also has a permaculture design and consulting company that offers clients sound advice for improving their yields and land value through applied ecological design.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Design for Drought, Fire & Flood

    75 min | Altar of Air

    We have been increasingly experiencing imbalance amongst the elements, with record-breaking drought, fire, and flood becoming the new norm. Come be a part of a panel discussion exploring practical ways we can work with our homes and landscapes to address the conditions leading to these extreme elemental events.

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