Bryan Arturo & Shayna Gladstone – Earth Journeys

Bryan and Shayna are facilitators, project incubators and community organizers immersed in the permaculture movement. Shayna is the co-founder of NuMundo and she and Bryan co-founded Earth Journeys. Through working with ecovillages and land regeneration projects around the world they have seen and felt the positive benefits created from shared resources, knowledge, skills and connections that the world needs in this critical time. Cultivating relationships that feel nourishing because there are shared visions, values, and agreements allow for individual empowerment and the development of regenerative relationships. 

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Changemakers Journey: 10 Steps Towards Holistic Entrepreneurship

    90 min | Altar of Earth

    Are you ready to to discover how you can design your life and walk a path that is in service to the earth and humanity? Are you ready to learn more about yourself, nature, and how you can apply your skills and passions to the creation of a positive legacy on the planet? This introductory workshop will give you foundation to embark on your own earth journey into being the change you wish to see in the world.

    To us, being an effective changemaker depends on having a holistic perspective for how to approach living a life of service. We offer 10 simple steps to shift your life right now and begin starting your own holistic business.

  • Regenerative Enterprise & the 8 Forms of Capital

    75 min | Altar of Earth

    In our extractive economy, aren’t there other ways of measuring wealth besides financially? Learn how to map out your organization or even your personal life’s 8 forms of capital and discover how wealthy you truly are. This is a powerful tool for sustainability-minded people to receive clarity on how to innovate and creatively expand without focusing on just money.


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