Aloka has been of service over a decade as a community builder, ceremonialist, healer, mentor and has been tending his Dharma as a musician more actively over the last 4 years. He has been an advocate for indigenous wisdom & has worked with Wisdom Keepers from north and south america over the last 9 years;. His passion is in bringing people together in these turbulent times to build community , help others feel safe, loving & connected, open and empowering our collective mission to co-create a better & more just world. To help spread awareness around ecological, cultural, health, spiritual and political dangers of our times. Aloka does this through song, circle, ceremony, music, speaking, trainings, both 1 on 1 and in groups. He actively works in co-creation and consulting with local & global organizations, solutionaries & leaders on the pulse of the eco-village movement, benevolent entrepreneurship, planetary/ indigenous rights and unity.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Cacao Ceremony w/ Aloka + Friends

    105 min | Altar of Fire

    These are powerful journeys with the Cacao spirit, opening the gates for deeper communion with one’s heart, soul, the earth, the cosmos, each other and the spirit that moves through all things. According to legend, the Cacao spirit was gifted to humanity by the star-nations to keep us connected to our celestial nature and origins. In this ceremony, Aloka and special guests bring their passion for sacred space, gifts of original music and sound healing landscapes; offering a profound journey to participants. Cacao is offered as a sacrament used to enhance one’s intentions for healing, empowerment, heart-opening and connection to source. Aloka brings a deep reverence and connection to many sacred traditions and lineages while bridging both the Angelic and Ancestral realms through this work. Let us support, activate, sing and open together.

  • Intro to the Mystery Schools

    60 min | Altar of Spirit

    Until very recently the mystery schools have been held secret from the public and only made accessible to initiates. The teachings of the mystery schools contain the innermost knowledge of life, of the nature of soul, of ascension and these teachings are deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom. While these traditions and teachings can be found throughout history, & transcend culture, the lineage of the mystery schools that we are working with culminate a combination of 10+ years of initiation that Alokananda has passed through, and channeling specific master beings that are "professors" in the mystery school lineages. Anchored primarily in the orders of Melchizadek and Isis, with branches moving through the taoist, tibetan, north & south native american, Vedic, Egyptian, mayan/ toltec and druid lineages that Alokananda connects to.

    "The mystery schools have long held and protected the ancient wisdom of the world. The schools primary duty was to serve the light and keep the ancient knowledge alive. Many forces on the planet have attempted to remove or eliminate this knowledge from the Earth. For within these teachings are the greatest secrets the world has ever known; the greatest power that has ever been available to humankind!

    Because of the massive shifts in energy occurring on our planet today, the mystery schools are now releasing these ancient teachings for first time ever to the public."


Festival Locations:

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