Priya Mohan

Priya Deepika Mohan is an attorney turned sound healer and coach. Her background as a human-rights focused immigration lawyer and mediator has trained her approach in helping others find their true Voice and Self-Expression. As facilitator of sound, Priya integrates music into wellness and professional lifestyle. She offers sonic pathways for emotional awareness, trauma-release and revitalizing compassion for greater human connection and creative inspiration.

Priya, her husband James Barnard and their crew Sound AS Medicine collective who brought Lovers Nest to Lucidity Festival 2013-2017. We are a community of artists and musicians who listen to music as ceremony and share a deeply sacred connection to Sound, experiencing its power and potential as a conduit for heart connection, healing, empowerment and alignment..

Sound AS Medicine is a curation platform for live & electronic, world, devotional, soul music. We create backdrops to experience harmonious pleasures of sound, tea ceremony, and rituals of gathering. We work with a number of partners in creating richly diverse & beautiful landscape & atmosphere through music, environment, content and curation for festivals, retreats, conferences and workshops. Our music and environment curation is designed with the participant and artist experience at the center; aligning what will bring them into the sweetest and safest container to feel open and connected within and all around.

Stay tuned for the latest evolution of Sound As Medicine, an immersive environment featuring I.AM.LIFE tea lounge and Heartland this year at Lucidity Festival 2018.

Medicine or Calling

Sound and Vision, words and intuition.

Sound As Medicine, empowered voices and thriving artist & entrepreneurial communities, sustainably living, healing learning and living together.

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