Devajeet Singh

Born and raised in Santa Ana California, Andre Sandoval grew up with curiosity and passion for Mayan history & art. In his youth after traveling to the Mayan ruins Chichen Itza and climbing up the famous temple, he became a revolutionary activist in his teenage years. In his 20’s, after recovering from a near death accident, alcoholism, and finding the House go Guru Ram Das and Kundalini Yoga, along with other Medicine Men elders, his life would change forever as he went deeper onto his spiritual path. It was in Santa Ana where he would spend the next two years going to Kundalini Yoga classes and participating in Native American Church ceremonies which motivated him to turn his art and film studio into the 8th Chakra Studio where they offer Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Baths, Kambo Ceremonies and other conscious workshops.

Medicine or Calling

Kambo, Peyote, Hapay(Rapé). My calling is to be of service to Gaia & all earthlings


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