Alokananda is a spiritual mentor & multi-dimensional healer supporting others for over a decade. Mentored in core-energetics therapy for over 9 years, he carries yogic, taoist and martial arts lineages, & was initiated in medicine work and adopted into tribal customs in 2008 under strict tutuledge from multiple wisdom keepers in north and south american shamanism. He has been recognized by multiple elders as a young wisdom keeper & a carrier of both Star Knowledge & prophecy. A reverend in the Order of Melchizadek, he is a certified Violet Alchemy HealingĀ® practicioner able to read the akashic records & is a clear channel for the Ascended Masters & Mothers, ArchAngels, Galactic Federations of Light and Ancestors to bring their potent transmissions of love through for the purpose of soul awakening and planetary service.

Aloka is also a touring and recording artist carrying original songs to bridge cultures and raise awareness around these powerful changing times.

Medicine or Calling

I bridge the ancestral realms of spirit and the arch-angelic / ascended master realms, offer dynamic transmissions on the nature of the heart to bridge our differences and come back to the sacred hoop of life. I bridge worlds & understandings to help transcend duality amongst the tribes. My calling is to create safe havens for the children that have yet to come, and do this through my music, coaching, healing and ceremonial work.


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