Shinan Visionary Arts

Shinan Visionary Arts provides a wide variety of indigenous and visionary arts made by local artists.

For more than four years we have been supporting indigenous people from Central and South America, but we primarily with the Shipibo tribe from Peru, whose artwork is inspired by Ayahausca visions.  We also work with the Embara tribe of Colombia, the Qero tribe of the Andes in Peru, and many others.   “Shinan” is the Shipibo tribe word for third eye. We feel that the art we carry is helpful in allowing people to see beyond the seen world, and can inspire us to listen to visions and symbols that are often overlooked.

While is possible to buy Shipibo artwork on Etsy and other places but often the vendors of this artwork overcharge  and do not personally know the families that make the artwork and support them ongoing.  Shinan Visionary Arts  has been cultivating ongoing relationships with many families and has provided lots of support in visible, verifiable ways.

The financial support that we have provided has manifested the construction of a house where a family now lives, two healing center  malokas, installed plumbing in the village of San Salvador outside of Pucallpa, Peru, and provided education tuition, dental and medical support, for many families.  Please visit our “How We Help” page which has pictures of these ways we have supported.

We personally go down to the jungle to get the artwork from the families we work with and learn about the designs firsthand.  We have stayed in the homes of the artists and learned from their way of life, and we feel this is an important part of sharing the artwork–sharing the spirit and meaning of the designs.  This is the mission of Shinan Visionary Arts. ​

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