Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Penelope Pendragon

Whimsical WiSH Wagon

With a great big smile and round of cheer, we welcome Penelope Pendragon this year! She brings beautiful bubbles that ease everyone’s troubles and she’s bringing the WiSH Wagon too! The Wagon will show you how your wishes ARE coming true and there are few activities you can do to help boost your WiSH so it will come true! There’s a MaGiC Mirror, a WiSHing Portal and Faery Habitat too!

Most of the lessons are told in verse and rhyme, it is certain you will have a wonderful time! Particularly when Penelope does a show, telling you all the things you should know about HOW your WiSHes come your way and how to build a better day and how the words that you say can make your WiSHes stay…. or go away.

Please note: The WiSH Wagon engages ALL ages at ALL stages. The shows are for all ages too, though the WiSH Workshops are more for those who have a WiSH from their truest heart… because that’s where all the BEST WiSHes start.

This environment can be found in:

I AM Family Garden

Elemental Realm of Earth