Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Chad 'Fez' Gaetz

The Lighthouse

A beacon for the lost and weary, The Lighthouse is an interactive environment for Teens ages 13-17. Its purpose is to create a safe place to play, work, learn and teach. It will provide those who feel left out a place to meet new people their age. It gives teenagers both a way to meet up with others and a space to be creative and make their own experience. Inside the Lighthouse there will be many opportunities for teens to share their ideas as a collective group, through making art, planning mini-events, and working on team-building skills. Performances by teens will also take place, giving them a chance to voice their ideas and talents to an audience.You’re invited! This will help to build trust between both teens and their guardians, by allowing them more independence and giving them more responsibility. If desired, there will be opportunities for teens to be mentored by Lucidity Staff. The Lighthouse will be managed and run by teenagers who wish to participate in leadership roles and of course there will always be a watchful eye by a friendly member of our Lucidity staff to ensure safety and responsible play.



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