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Sound AS Medicine

Sound AS Medicine

Sound AS Medicine, featuring the I.AM.LIFE tea lounge is a temple and guardian sanctuary for bridge-walkers who celebrate diversity and universality. Our medicine is music, ritual, performance, lineage & culture, exquisitely experimental and radiantly cosmic. Sound AS Medicine is a curation platform for live & electronic, world, devotional, soul music. We create backdrops to experience harmonious pleasures of sound, tea ceremony, and rituals of gathering. Our music and environment curation is designed with the participant and artist experience at the center; aligning what will bring them into the sweetest and safest container to feel open and connected within and all around.

From the crew who brought you “Lovers Nest” in 2013-2017 at Lucidity Festival, once again we invite you to join us in connection over tea poured by Lovers, within a luscious water temple and enchanted by a caravan of world renowned artists of sacred live and electronic music.

In the Rising Dawn, we honor the realm of Water as our space is dedicated to the preciousness of what She represents. I.AM.LIFE will serve tea in our temple lounge set to heart-centered live and electronic music. We will be sheltered in a space co-created with Heartland merging land with vision. Each night at Lucidity Festival, it has become tradition to hold our featured Midnight Luv Ceremony hosted by The LuvAmp Project featuring headlining talent and our resident artists Priya Deepika, Pachakroma, Maz Karendesh, Larisa Rose, Joss Jaffe, Dream Upright and more.

This environment can be found in:

Elemental Realm of Water