Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Soul Tribe

Soul Palace Imaginarium

Welcome home to your Imaginarium, where whimsy and dreams come to life. Located in the heart of the Earth Realm, this family orientated, all aged space offers a variety of things. Tender spots for tots to play, activations, education of all types, comfy spots to breastfeed, clean eating experiences, musical performances, Flow Arts, Unicorny magic… Wizardry, performances and workshops facilitated by kiddos and families in our community, live performances from epic groups, DIY playshops AND Smoothie Galactivations with Natural Leaders Foundation! Keep in mind our Phamily Parade Sunday April 8th, 2018 at 1:11pm! Bring your smiles, music makers, loving vibrations and funnest costuming to be a part of this epic fiasco! We’re looking forward to sharing the Rising Dawn with you and your family!

This year The Imaginarium is honored to be hosted by the Producers of “Soul Palace”. We welcome them into the minds and hearts of families and friends and invite the safe loving platform we’ll co create! “Soul Palace is the space to come nourish your soul through authentic connection, creative exploration and ecstatic play!” In Soul Palace “we bridge the gap by creating a holistic space where one can experience awakening, connection, and expansion alongside playfulness, creativity and celebration. We find that when you get back into the mindset of a child, that’s where the real magic happens! We believe that until around the age of 5, your soul is shining with no reservations; before social constructs and conformity take hold. Soul Palace is the place to channel your inner 5 year old that wants to be seen and expressed!”

To retain Soul Palace collaborative team visit their website. Stop by their Facebook page, click “like” and show them some love. We’d love to help them gain notoriety in the Transformational Festival Production world and we’d love your support in doing so.


This environment can be found in:

I AM Family Garden

Elemental Realm of Earth