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Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration Presents: Puppets for the People

Summer Solstice Presents: Puppets for the people. Join local collaborators and merry makers in learning how to wear and operate a Life Size Puppet in this comical Lounge-ish setting…and also let your inner kid out. Bring a smile, a laugh and be ready to play. In this lively, late night spot you’ll find a place where Imagination meets the Puppeteer.

Summer Solstice Parade began in 1974, as a birthday celebration for a popular artist and mime named Michael Gonzales. In subsequent years, their parade joined forces with a Summer Solstice Music Festival coordinated by Michael Felcher, sponsored by The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, staged at the Sunken Gardens to celebrate the longest day of year. The Festival grew from the earlier gatherings at the sunken gardens of the County Courthouse. When the number of people outgrew the size of the courthouse, the event was moved to Alameda Park. As a 501(c)3, nonprofit, community organization, the Summer Solstice Celebration group is responsible for carrying on Michael’s delightful, multicultural performing arts celebration, and ensuring an extravagant celebration of life through art for many years to come.

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