Respect the Funk presents Lucidity: Rising Dawn Festival Yearbook

Have you ever returned home from Lucidity and tried to explain your magical weekend to a friend who didn’t attend? An experience filled with music, friendship, art, transformation, and hilarity is hard to condense and convey in a simple conversation. For this reason Respect the Funk Magazine has set out to create a product that stands the test of time and is an embodiment of the attendees’ and their own experiences. A publication that will live beyond a fleeting recap video – serving as a source of nostalgia for those who participated and a beacon of inspiration for those who have not. The Festival Yearbook will not only highlight the narrative of the organization’s vision, but also construct a platform for those who attend. The people who participate are what make Lucidity what it is – and the Festival Yearbook will embody these individuals and foster a sense of community within the dreamscape. This publication will set Lucidity apart from other festivals because a taste of the experience will continue to live on a familiar mediums such as coffee tables, bookshelves, and bed rests – reminding people of what the world could be and encouraging them to apply these same principles in the default world.

Purchase your yearbook before the event to get a personalized edition with your picture included. Don’t miss this opportunity to creatively preserve the unique time.

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