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Lucidity Mindful Feeding Kitchen

Mindful Feeding Kitchen

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Within the bamboo walls of the Lucidity Mindful Feeding Kitchen, you’ll be fueled by the highest quality local and organic food, and rest easy knowing that you’re supporting a step towards a more sustainable food system. All food sourced for the Mindful Feeding program follows a food sourcing protocol created by the SOL Food Festival, which stands for Seasonal, Organic, Local. We purchase much of our food directly from local farmers and from our local partner, the Isla Vista Food Coop. The Mindful Feeding Kitchen, just like your home kitchen, is the heart of our festival, it brings us all together—a big part of the magic that connects our community. Along our culinary adventures together, we kickstart a new approach to eating and an appreciation for all things sustainable and delicious!

In addition to being the most healthy way to stay mourished onsite, the Mindful Feeding Pass is:

Stress-free – Leave the camping stove at home. We’ve got you covered!
Humane – All foods are sourced from local organic farms without cruelty or chemicals.
A Great Way to Make Friends – Meet people at the Commissary and break bread with the fam.
Sustain your Brain – Our noggins need nutrition too. Getting the right vitamins and minerals will keep your head sharp.

The price associated is less than what most would spend on groceries for a 3-day camping trip. This plan covers Dinner on Friday plus Brunch and Dinner on Saturday & Sunday. Meals within our Mindful Feeding Kitchen leave you feeling nourished and ready to take on any adventure that comes your way.

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Elemental Realm of Spirit