Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Tribal entertainment

Forest of Dreams

The Forest of Dreams is a place where people learn through the connection with nature. Come connect, meet like minded individuals, host your own workshop, or simply enjoy a homemade elixir. Its a space that offers healing, creation, education on probiotics, life sustainability lessons, and challenges one to look deeper into themselves to find their own deeper meaning and potential. The Forest of Dreams is a space created by those who choose to be there. Through the experience those there may find the depth of self it takes to truly live their dreams and not just dream them. Everyone is enough, and they have what it takes. They just need nourishment, support, healing, motivation, creation, and an outline of how to accomplish their goals. Come surround yourself with those who live their dreams, and that’s what you become.

This environment can be found in:

Elemental Realm of Water