Growing up a recognized studio and makeup artist on the beautiful beaches of sunny Santa Barbara since 2008, Zoë soon found herself nestled in the heart of the flow community. Fire art was entrancing; it called urgently to her soul and she began her fire spinning journey with Rope Dart, then adding Palm Torches and Dragon Staff. Her unique sense of style, combined with her make-up artistry adds to her repertoire of skills and highlights her hypnotic, alluring and confident stage presence.

Never failing to encapsulate the spectators, Zoë’s Rope Dart performances are punctuated with precise shots and dynamic body movements, bewitching them with every flick of her wrist. Her Dragon Staff flows fluidly and seductively in sync with her naturally serpentine movements, enthralling all that fall under her spell. Her Palm Torch performances highlight the liquidity of dance in a unique belly dancer style of flow.

Festival Locations:

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