VictoriSpins does just that! Trained in all the diverse dance forms from hip-hop to contact improv, her movement expresses the story she’s here on this Earth to share, “Happiness and Joy come from the unconditional surrender to Flow State, practice allowing it to take you over, and a new form of yourself will unfold.” Adding the sacred flame to her movement has added a whole new component of awe and respect for the dangerous nature of our full devotion to our arts. See her whip her fire and passion in a twirling, spiraling act of love to the Fire Goddess.

When Victori Spins, her beloved flame, Isaac Mendoza is sure to appear, lit up and ready to flow with her. This duo will inspire your relationships to find new means of collaboration, flow and spice! See these two spin fire together in even the smallest of spaces, their combined flow is an art of seduction and trust seen no where else.


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