Music of Ghosts

Music of Ghosts came into existence fifteen years ago in the bedroom of budding composer Alysia Michelle James who was often visited by ghosts while writing music. This year we are joined by visiting composer David Saldana who has invented a specialty instrument that will be unveiled at Lucidity Festival. Our aerial ensemble will coax both the light and dark out of our audience and encourage these opposites to hold hands. We present to you aerial ballets which attempt to interpret the messages the spirits give us through theatrical performance.

In 2015, we acquainted you with The Master Storyteller, an omniscient being almost as old as the universe itself, a collector of stories, who shows himself only when he chooses and only to a carefully chosen people. He brought you Aurora Musis Amica, a glimpse into the creation of the spirit world. In 2018, The Master Storyteller stealthily returns to Lucidity with a new tale about the rise of the Elementals: creature-spirits with the ability to manipulate nature’s awesome power through movement and sound. He is on his way, collecting his ghost stories and he looks forward to meeting you again.


Festival Locations:

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