Ira Sage Hyder

Ira Sage is a west coast fire artist with years of experience behind the flame, he communicates about safety and uses caution at all times when handling, transporting, performing, and storing all fire related equipment and explosive fuels that are involved in the fire arts.

Fire dancing is a very dangerous performance art, and fire safety precautions should be taken at all times.

When the fire ignites, an exchange between the flames, the prop, the performer, the audience, and the music blend; Ira Sage knows how to connect with those in proximity and how to play off musical transitions and energies, the fire is manipulated but also takes the lead, the props themselves have attitude, the ultimate focus is that the audience is taken through a musical and visual journey of epic proportions. Ira Sage provides a display of Robo-Liquid-Pop based movement within his fire manipulation and performance.


Festival Locations:

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