Faeryn Rose

Faeryn Rose is a professional hoop dance performance artist and teacher who has been honing her craft and performing her art for over nine years. Faeryn began her performance career in 2009 as the organizer and ring-mistress of a community circus titled Berzercus the Isla Vista Circus. In 2012, Faeryn moved to Los Angeles to pursue performance full time and has since founded the hoop duo The Electric Fairies and has performed as a mermaid with Iridescence a Mermaid Tribe, as a clown with L’unkles Boink, a dancer and character for Bijoulette and the  Narrators. Faeryn recently founded the immersive performance troupe The Mischievians, set to make their debut in the 2018 festival season. Faeryn relishes sharing the bliss of creative expression, and sweet release of hoop dance flow and the unbridled joy of dance in her workshops and beyond. Find her weaving mischief, making magic and spreading smiles across the festival landscape!


Festival Locations:

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