Internationally acclaimed world music ensemble Stellamara premiers seamless electro-acoustic global bass sets, emphasizing their signature eastern rhythms and melodies, dramatic orchestral sections, otherworldly ambience and deep bass groove. Evolving for over a decade of recording and performing, Stellamara unites world-renowned musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds in a shared devotion for folk and classical music rooted in Near Eastern, Eastern European, Medieval European, Arabic and Persian traditions. Stellamara is regarded as being at the forefront of contemporary world music, giving new life and a fresh, modern expression to the beautiful and mysterious qualities of traditional modal music.

Stellamara is a global symphony spun through minarets and grounded in the earth.—Pulse

… a haunting elegance of expression….—Electronic Musician

An earthy blend of ethereal hymns and instrumental reveries with as many catchy hooks as any top-selling pop album. — Alternative Press

There is retro and then there is retro…Stellamara cut directly to the devotional essence of music and that’s the only kind of retro that matters. —SF Weekly


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