Shylah Ray

Shylah Ray is an award-nominated influential vocalist, musician, mother and activist. Originally Algonquin native of Canada, her music was rooted in Los Angeles, California after years of travel and the natural birth of her first daughter at home. Soon after this
transformational event, she began writing and sharing her music, which would lead her to rapid success by composing a range of music that would be featured in film, documentaries and several social media platforms to be recognized. Blending grooves of Neo Soul,  R&B, Reggae and Hiphop, Shylah has inspired people from all over the world with her gospel-like voice and moving lyrics. Self-taught vocally, on piano and a student of percussion/traditional African drumming, the demand for her presence and music grows as she continues to reach new levels of creative stardom. She serves the community as a birth/postpartum Doula, (Soul Voice Singing) Coach and is Creative Director of a non-profit which promotes and provides sexual education and empowerment for all. Her collaborations have fueled a multitude of singles, album releases, tours, and larger scale opportunities ahead including a new EP, music videos and a full 2018 tour. Shylah hopes to inspire and uplift many generations to come by using th power, passion and pleasure of singing and performing.


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