Shaky Feelin’ with Brion Shearer

Shaky Feelin’ is a Southern  California based jam band with roots in high energy rock, bluegrass, reggae and funk. Drawing inspiration from The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Allman Brothers, The Disco Bisquits and The Beatles.   With a line up of virtuoso world class instrumentalists and catchy progressive songwriting led by Mark Masson, Shaky Feelin’ effortlessly blends multiple genres into one seemless package of psychedelic jam rock that will take the crowds energy to new heights.

Shaky Feelin’ welcomes Brion Shearer to the lineup for a special Lucidity set.

Brion Shearer is a Southern Californian based acoustic songwriter and lead guitarist who has been at work merging a diverse styles of music into a unique signature sound. With roots in Americana, Reggae, Folk, Electronica and Rock he brings a sultry percussive approach to the acoustic guitar with technical riffs and grooving rhythms. Known for his looping skills, psychedelic, hypnotic trance style lead guitar work and deep staccato vocals. Shearer is a rare exception to the solo acoustic songwriter.


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