Since his 4-track and synthesizer experiments as a kid, Ryan Origin has focused on conveying futuristic, intense beauty via electronic music.

He grew up as electronic music did, watching the 90s rave scene in Los Angeles crystalize.

20+ years of involvement with breakbeat culture followed. Drum & Bass became the language he spoke and family he kept.

Musical collaborations include Photek, Jerome Dillon, George Clinton, Gridlok, Flinch, UFO!, Salva, Reid Speed, Rye Rye, Nelly Furtado, Matt Deco, PheuZen, 9Theory, and ThaFruitbat, among others.

Now, Origin remains focused on conveying intense emotions and high-design aesthetic with his musical work. Already slated for multiple releases in early 2018, Origin continues to challenge himself to create new and compelling sonic material.

Along with regular performances, Origin is developing mixed reality music applications, and curating large-scale A/V events.

Origin is based in Los Angeles.

Looking forward.


Festival Locations:

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