Noe-et-tik Dj, Music producer, instrumentalist, composer, poet, turntablist, Hip Hop alchemist, and performing artist. Noetik began djing in 2004, studying the art of turntablism and mixing. In 2008 Noetik began his studies of audio recording and music production. Noetik was quickly drawn to beat making for lyricists and underground events. While dedicating his life to Hip Hop culture Noetik became strongly influenced by UK breakbeat, world music and tribal bass. In the process of creating new genres of music, anchored by the back bone of Hip Hop, Noetik relocated to the California Bay Area in 2010. Submerged in West Coast Bass culture, Noetik began composing music to compliment his recordings of various world instruments. Tune in, travel to distant landscapes and ecosystems while listening to deep drums and warm booming bass kicks from lush regions around the planet. Stay tuned for upcoming music releases on Street Ritual.

“When I die, you may use my bones for flutes, and my skull a drum, so I may live on… infinitely through the wisdom in the rhythm.” -Noetik


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