Naranja is the brainchild of two lovers, Janis Droplin and Tyler Pixels.

Meaning “orange” in Spanish, Naranja pays homage to the couple’s cultural backgrounds- Janis’ being Mexican and Tyler’s, Spanish. They incorporate sounds from all Latin cultures, focusing on deep, and minimal house music with a sexy, and sometimes, trippy, twist, encouraging you to “bailer con sentimento y amor”.

Tyler Pixels has been DJ’ing and producing for 10 years, playing alongside his best friend in the group, Sex Pixels, whereas Janis Droplin has been a music enthusiast since she began searching for new talent and artists during early music torrenting days. Sharing new music with each other is how they fell in love six years ago, only recently realizing they needed to create something fresh and original that encompassed them both together and separately.

Developed in the summer of 2017, they released their first mix, “In The Mood” in September 2017, which has been extremely well received. We look forward to seeing how these lovers progress as collaborative artists in a scene that could use some much needed heat.


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