Liberation Movement

Liberation Movement signals the arrival of a new form of technology. A Gathering of Gatekeepers unite performance with ritual in a collective liberation process. From the seed of inception, every aspect of the Liberation Movement is musically, symbolically and artistically created to manifest a Gateway to a new dimension in human potential.

Liberation Movement presents a 40 Channel Live PA mix engineered and directed by Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion featuring live drums, instrumentation, vocalists and performance art. Every LM concert alchemically combines cultures, genres and varied forms of creative expression into a new system of collaborative potential between artists, performers and audience.

Liberation Movement was founded in the Amazon in 2010 with the support of the Shipibo Tribe of Peru. Since that time it has grown to include more than 75 collaborators from 6 continents representing more than 1000 years of combined experience in their respective fields of artistic, healing and music mastery.

LM has performed throughout the US, Canada, Peru and Costa Rica at unique events and festivals including Oregon Eclipse, Symbiosis, Lightning In A Bottle, Envision, Beloved, Enchanted Forest, Lucidity, Joshua Tree Spring and Fall Festival, Sonic Bloom and many others.

More than 25 Peruvian Shamans have contributed to the project in music and video including participation in a Liberation Movement concert to nearly 1000 indigenous Peruvians in the town center of Yarinacocha in Pucallpa, Peru. The concert and subsequent 3 week trip to villages of the Amazon was funded by the Rubin Foundation of NYC in Collaboration with Peruvian NGO Alianza Arkana and filmed by Mitch Schultz, writer/director of the film DMT: The Spirit Molecule. LM also appeared on Peruvian Television and Radio to promote the project and event. They are currently working on a documentary film about the experience.

Liberation Movement has created their own symbology, ideology, method of composition, delivery system and technological ecosystem in an effort to make the most effective collective liberation experience possible.


Festival Locations:

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