Through the original worlds that their music explores, LAIKIPIA has developed a distinct sound, combining a unique blend of harmony driven storytelling, hypnotizing dance floor beats, and melody rich instrumentals.

LAIKIPIA is a transatlantic electronic music duo made up of Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison. Xander is a singer-songwriter, producer, and retired Captain of the Grenadier Guards from London, England, while Taylor is a classically trained musician and electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California.

The duo creates music true to themselves; Strangely alien, yet comfortably familiar, their music welcomes all ears, completely disregarding the walls between genres.

Upon the completion of their first UK tour and the release of their first four singles/videos, Xander and Taylor are planning two EP releases for early 2018, along with additional music videos with several collaborators and guest appearances.


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