Jonah Vii

“Tomorrow isn’t real”

Born into a family of music and raised by the sound of bass lines, Jonah Vii began his musical journey at a very young age. His father, a musician, and his mother a singer; he was surrounded by rhythm and rhyme from the very beginning. It was clear there was no escaping the beautiful curse.

The journey as a DJ began in 6th grade after attending his first school dance. Lets just say there was more comfort behind a pair of decks than there was on the dance floor.

Since then Jonah has never looked back and has established himself as a rising talent in the house music scene. His ability to move dance floors has been noticed by acts such as CamelPhat and his ability to produce great music is being highlighted every-time he plays tracks live. The positive vibes and contagious energy he brings to every performance resonates with crowds and ignites clubs consistently.

Jonah’s goal as a DJ and Producer is to spread his message through the music and the experiences it provides. #thejonahproject is focused on inspiring people to pursue their passions and not let the world or its surroundings dictate the path. If tomorrow wasn’t real, what would you regret not attempting to do today? What passion did you not pursue? What dream did you leave behind? Follow your passion, whatever it may be, wherever it may take you, life is short, “Tomorrow isn’t real.”


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