House of Hamsa

House of Hamsa is an all-star all-improvisational band of masters of their craft.

Formed in 2016 of an all-star crew, House of Hamsa features members of Dirtwire, Hamsa Lila, Liberation Movement, Heavyweight Dub Champion & The Dogon Lights.

House of Hamsa, melds ancient instruments, samples, live mixing, loops and electronics to create a one of a kind improvisational journey. “A shamanic global odyssey”. Special guests such as Tommy from Beats Antique and unique vocalists and musicians often join in.​

House of Hamsa has headlined at the Joshua Tree Music Festival twice in 2016, performed at the One Love Festival (Matisyahu) and The Sonic Bloom Festival in 2016.

House of Hamsa is:
Vir McCoy – Guitar, Bass, Sintir, Jimbush, Gimbri, Synth, Loops, Ableton, Vocals

Grant Chambers: Moog Voyager Synthesizer, Percussion

Ian “Inkx” Herman: Drums, Samples, Loops

Evan Fraser: Synth, Keys, Ngoni, Jaw Harp, Kalimba, Ney, Percussion


Festival Locations:

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