Rumor has it that while the young Earthling by the given name of Austin Yeaman was institutionalized at a human testing facility in Santa Barbara, he began channeling the sweet and sultry sounds of deep Techno music. It wasn’t until much later in the year 2014 that he managed to escape and reemerge as what he is now known as Decoy. Since his escape, he has honed in on the practices of his art, providing newfound pathways into the unknown through his sonic exploration . With musical influences such as the great Tommy Wiseau and Nicolas Cage, it is no wonder Decoy is able to break down barriers and transport listeners into a realm never before experienced by mortal ears.  Since his rebirth, he has combined forces with a team of other like-minded Earth dwellers under the collective name Divine Species who’s ultimate goal is to obliterate all limits of creativity and create a boundless community of love and respect. Join him on his quest and experience for yourself.


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