Third Eye Projections

Lucid Stage Visuals

For over a decade, Evan Glantz has been creating custom visual content and collecting content for a wide range of artists including Skrillex, Die Antwoord, Shpongle, Phutureprimitive and more. Building sets, creating scenes, blending logos, etc.

Evan is a qualified stage manager and art director with a background in theatre and a full understanding of production and wants to present a show of the highest caliber. His goal is to make it the ultimate experience for the audience, the ones paying to be there.

The name “Third Eye Projections” is a collective idea of how music could or should visually be translated using his creativity and interpretation. Syncing to the music and orchestrating a visual experience that when, combined with the soundtrack, provides an experience that is memorable and down the road will be talked about among friends who experienced it.

Festival Locations:

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