Rosel Weedn, seamstress extraordinaire and fabricator is most well known for her gigantic shade pieces that have flown over the participants of Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, and even occasionally her own workshops yard (sometimes with a cat lazily sunbathing atop). She has been decoring Lucidity’s various official environments for years now and her contributions have only become more vibrant, and lucky for us, durable! Rosel is a gifted painter and fabric mistress. Her many talents are the perfect match in this duo or upcycling and imagination.

Steve KAHnuFF, or more commonly known as “sTeVe” (pronounced “Steve-TV”) has been a longtime collaborator of Lucidity, working tirelessly into the night each year to produce the Lucidity Entrance signs, Stage signs, and of course the iconic Lucid City sign. He perhaps is even more well known for his annual pilgrimage to Burning Man with The Mighty Zenith, where he joins the Art Car Museum. But if neither one of those ring a bell, perhaps you were lucky enough to catch one of his one man shows in Ventura. Wherever you’ve seen him, you’re not likely to forget him.

A match made in heaven, handiness, or Burning Man, these two extremely skilled and industrious artists are an undeniable force of calamity and genius. They are also long time Lucidity favorites for their skill and love they bring to our humble festival, each and every year.

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