Digital Introspect’s Stage Projections

Lucid Stage VJ and Nook Stage Visuals

“It is Di’s assumed responsibility to digitally express spirit, rendering radical frequencies of light, sound, and thought, manipulating mega-pixels in four dimensions, and rasterizing multiple realities.” Di is a digital media artist who resides in The San Francisco Bay Area of California and specializes in live visuals, computer animation, interactive visual programming, and projection mapping as augmented reality. Di’s digital video works are primarily performed live in collaboration with musicians, dancers, and actors in a live audience setting. VJ Di animations have been mixed live for many musicians and producers such as The Crystal Method, Lusine, Yheti, Ill Gates, PhuturePrimitive, Stylust Beats, Thiftworks, Orgone, Pimps of Joytime, and the Minnesota Orchestra. Di has performed with operas, musical theater performances, concerts, and music festivals.


Festival Locations:

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