Zander Ray

Zander Ray has been a massage therapist and shamanic facilitator for over 7 years within Los Angeles. He is a healer for the healers, offering precise and powerful healing for those who need a specialized touch. Having worked with many entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders & successful business owners, Zander has a confident touch and dives straight to the source of your misalignment. He leads one on one and group shamanic ceremonies, which allow others to feel fully supported and nurtured while navigating their healing process. Zander possesses many gifts that leave you feeling empowered and fully prepared to step forward into your highest self.


  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reiki

Healing Description

Zander Ray approaches his bodywork sessions with a firm touch, precise hands & a shamanic awareness of energetics in the body. His style blends deep tissue with shamanic techniques such as cord cutting, energetic rebalancing, sound healing, and the realigning of root blockages stored in the body. His touch goes straight to the source & offers results that are lasting and uplifting in the body, mind & spirit!

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