Roxanne Olivia Abell

Roxanne Olivia Abell aka RxHarpe offers creative consulting, expressive arts experiences, and individual & collaborative performances world wide.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Art Photography and Art Expanded Forms from the University of Georgia, spending a summer studying art and culture in Italy while completing her undergraduate degree. Moving to California in 2005 she pursued courses in psychology, philosophy, literature, organizational behavior, tarot, and meditation.

In 2010 she received a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy from the Expressive Arts Institute and went on to present, volunteer, and contribute to the production of social justice and transformational events.

Over the years she has added Shaman training, Reiki certification, and basic concepts from Ayurveda in order to offer a unique holistic approach to healing.

Her passion is to inspire people’s exploration of their inner and outer worlds in service of living their excitement and sharing consciousness expanding experiences that encourage growth, well being, compassion and connection.

She founded Ariadne’s Passion in 2014, to serve the global community by drawing attention to and supporting individuals, groups, and organizations offering transformational experiences and projects working toward diversity, sustainability, and playfully inquisitive interaction.

Drawing from her varied observations and experiences, alongside implementation of archetypal knowledge and esoteric wisdom, she supports and guides those she interacts with to cultivate relationships though inspired expression while identifying steps they can implement toward healing and making their most exciting dreams a reality.


  • Oracle
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energy Work
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I meet people where they are and use tools and techniques I have been trained in and have had the experience of working for myself in my healing process. Tarot and Oracle cards are used to get insights and spark conversation with people seeking guidance. I can implement reiki if their are energetic blocks or healings needed to assist people in moving forward on their path or to treat something coming up in the moment. Guided meditation and shamanicstic journeys can be offered to groups or individuals seeking to envision their personal myth and find spirit guides and allies. Writing and journaling are encouraged for people to go deeper as well as rituals and ceremonies to embody desires and outcomes.


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