Leana “Are We NOW Yet” Marcus

Are We NOW Yet? Leana asks herself this question all the time. How often do we take the time to pause and realize that we are always NOW? That every day is divine? That every hardship is a moment of gratitude? That all beings share the same collective dream? Allow Leana to assist you in this personal inquiry at the Oracle Tent. With only a mirror, several different decks of Tarot cards, a myriad of books, and her own unique experiences interacting with the present moment, Leana will help you tap into your merkaba (mind, body, and soul) through conscious dialogue and introspective meditation. She has been sharing readings of the subconscious since 2006 and has an educational background in psychology and human development. Bring your brightest lights and your darkest shadows to Leana and she will guide you to the answers you already have within.

Leana is also the mother to an inquisitive 8 year old boy, whom she considers her greatest teacher. Additionally, she is currently pregnant and will be 22 weeks along by the time Rising Dawn has completed. All mothers, fathers, guardians, children, teens, and anyone considering being a parent are encouraged to seek her out for conversation and/or an oracle reading. Leana can be found hosting the Earth Realm (Family Garden) daily from 9am-5pm during the event.

Leana will also be available at the Oracle Tent on Thursday evening from 8pm-2:22am and Sunday night from Midnight-3am.


  • Oracle
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energy Work
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I approach healing by showing others what they already know deep inside, by opening a conscious dialogue that encourages and stimulates one’s own conversation with mind, body, and soul. With practice, individuals can heal themselves by tapping into their subconscious fears, desires, or inquiries they may have just begun to explore. I use my educational background in psychology and human development in conjunction with my experiences through self-exploration to teach others how to heal themselves.

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