Eugenia was born into the world of academia, but the transmogrification of motherhood shifted her gaze from the pages of her books onto the soulful and sinewy roots of the human body. Her studies led her to massage and energy work, which was followed by a deep dive into explorations of attachment and bonding, emotional language development and communication. Steeped in both academic and somatic inquiry, she has developed unique strengths in supporting those who seek self-knowledge. She intuits the questions you seek to answer and supports integration of somatic awareness with the manifesting of practical life solutions. Like seeds from our ancestral tree, she collaborates with the seeker to find the kernels of wisdom which the seeker is ready to cultivate.


  • Craniosacral
  • Oracle
  • Soul/Spirit Energy Work
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I am a reader of bodies. I look at faces, postures, and gestures. I listen to voice tones, speeds, and breaths. I take into account details like clothing, costumes, footwear, makeup and then let the broader picture of each being settle into my vision. I witness until I have a “hit”. I may have a “hit” in my own body, or it may come as an image, a question or curiosity. As an oracle, I learned to ask each individual about their images, questions or dreams that have been present for them and help them to identify symbols, colors, body sensations and either guide them to their own interpretation or reflect my own knowledge of related allegories, or neurobiological, embryological, or psychological reflections that they might “try on.” I have read tarot as a hobby but find the cards to not give as much information as the body so I use a combination of both. I am trained in multiple forms of massage and energy work, including Reiki but have not practiced bodywork for some time, although these practices always are a part of my work and self-care.

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