Dr. Ronja Vieth

As an international citizen, Dr. Ronja Vieth has left the world of academia to assist other lightworkers in helping Gaia and her inhabitants move into wholeness. In the USA, she trained in Akashic Field Therapy™, Quantum-Touch®, Reiki, the MerKaBa Meditation, and an energy healing modality called Peak Performance Program. Her inherent clairsentience lets her not only communicate with plants, animals, and humans, but helps her heal on a deeper level. Ronja is an Indigo, empath, and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), who has always been able to tune into her surroundings in any of the various occupations she has had.

Combining the knowledge gained in academia, where she chaired conference panels and presented for over ten years, and her training as a healer, she now lectures on meditation at the School of Medicine at Texas Tech University and speaks at and holds Forgiveness and Writing workshops at California conferences (5-D Conference 2016, 2017). She works as a Healer online and in person focusing on individual clients as well as catering to groups with complete online courses on Forgiveness, Steps to Learn Meditation, and others. The prestigious platform of select healers, AYRIAL, has picked her up as a rising star on the international plane. Currently, Ronja mostly works in the UK and online, but travels frequently to the United States.


  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energy Work

Healing Description

My Blissful Blueprint Program wonderfully combines healing of your energy system (chakras) and specific body systems (i.e. muscles) that addresses unique challenges, such as stability and strength. The final step is the locking-in of your perfect self blueprint back into your body to allow you to resonate with and thus grow back into your natural Divine Self.

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