Dr. Marie: Life Path Healings

Dr. Marie organized her first demonstration against racism when she was 11 years old and continued as a social justice activist for fair elections for all, Native American treaty rights, equality for LBQTIA, people of color, women, and Native Americans.  She lived and worked in some of the poorest urban and rural areas of the USA. Working as a community organizer, educator, and activist  for under-represented populations she was shot at by Americans, tear gassed, arrested and had many other hair raising adventures.  Her activism continued for years in addition to her work as a Professor for at risk students (those who do not fit into mainstream education). Her concern and activism to help Earth and its peoples (including all creatures great and small) morphed into her continued Spiritual and Energetic work.

Dr. Marie began her Spiritual Work in 1973 when she met and traveled with the Lakota Medicine Man, Leonard Crow Dog. She began giving her profound predictive Life Path Readings in 1987 encouraged by her Teacher who trained her natural  talent. In addition to her innate talents and gifts, she has been blessed to have extraordinary human and non-human (Spirits) teachers.  Her personal spiritual cultivation includes years of study and work with old time metaphysical masters, Native American medicine men and women, channeled entities, Taoist energy workers and psychics. She has studied numerology life charts, remote healing methods, homeopathy, herbs, tantra,  and many other modalities.  She has been an Oracle and Healer for over 30 years.



  • Matrix Energetics
  • Oracle
  • Soul/Spirit Energy Work
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

Readings: are clairvoyant and deep often opening issues and emotions not currently known therefore quite predictive and revealing.

Healings: pure energy, like Matrix Energetics (is the closest commercial/public system that resembles what I do) but having been taught and trained by a Taoist Qi Gong Master starting in 1986, there is no description that can be understood

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