Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy has been studying the Tarot for more than 10 years, and reading to the public for more than 5 years. His readings weave together an immediate intuitive clarity with an encyclopedic knowledge of symbolism, creating an irreverent and honest archetypal appraisal of your current situation.

Brian’s Tarot readings tell a story that acts as an existential mirror, allowing you to see your own personal story reflected in the cards, and perhaps to catch a glimpse of the poetic dreamsong fractal pattern cast by the overlapping colorful shadows of all the invisible whirling gears that are constantly shifting and turning to continuously unfold the magical cosmic origami lotus-jewel that is your life.

Brian reads with the Waite-Smith deck and the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Project Major Arcana Deck. All readings include a spontaneously crafted homework assignment designed to reveal an adventurous course of action that could take you deeper into the insights of your reading.


  • Oracle
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I provide in-depth Tarot readings that focus on reflecting the truth of the present moment, empowering my clients with a new story about who they are and what hidden strengths they have to overcome their greatest challenges in life.

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