Christine Samusick, also known as Anglekisses, brings many years of life experience and healing to Rising Dawn. Her calling was initiated as a Dental Assistant which unfolded further with nursing career. This natural draw toward the healing arts led her to work as a Hands of Light practitioner in the mid 90s.

Coming back full circle, Anglekisses was attuned and trained as a Reiki Practitioner with I Am Healing in early 2017. She facilitates individual healing sessions based on her unique education and experience, drawing upon instruction and intuition. She also enjoys working in group environments and as part of the team. Angel and Goddess card readings are also available and are often included as part of her Reiki sessions.


  • Flower or Herb Essence
  • Reiki
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

Intuitive and guided by Spirit and Higher Guides and Angels.

Festival Locations:

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