The NOHM Co. Elixir Bar and Apothecary

Our mission is to encourage conscious consumption and conversation by facilitating an experience that is steeped in tradition.

After several years diverting the waste stream in the event and nightlife industry it was realized that the human nutrient cycle of this industry is broken. In direct response we are building a mobile platform to weave this cycle back into balance by marrying indigenous practices from around the world with new technologies and regenerative design. This blend provides an innovative strategy for empowering consumers with support and structure when making decisions with their dollar and maintaining health and wellness while in an event and/or social setting.

Currently we provide a site specific and modular experience that is unique from a bar, cafe and tea house. We are creating a synergy of all three – a social experiment co-produced by those drawn to participate. It is in this container that the NOHM experience develops conversation and education about consumption & relationships with food and nature through a full service elixir bar, food catering service and a bioregional apothecary. We provide alternatives to commercially and locally sold beverages like cocktails, coffee, soft drinks, mixers and tea. We alternatively offer global and bio-regional infusions, plant based sodas and lattes that are underserved and misrepresented in the western world.

Festival Locations:

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