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Festivals are more fun with friends! And we’d like to reward you for recruiting your whole squad with our Ambassador Program. Joining the Ambassador Team is a way for you to hook up your friends with discounted tickets, help us spread the word about Lucidity, and earn a discounted or FREE ticket as well as other sweet perks.

If you are chosen to become an ambassador, you will be given a unique promo code to share with your friends and networks. This program is completely performance based, where your promo code usages and other promotion efforts will collectively work toward earning you a ticket to Lucidity. Interested in co-promoting? This is the place for you!

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We hope that you’ll be joining us regardless of the response you receive, and suggest that you purchase a ticket to secure the most affordable ticket currently available.

Here’s how this program works:

Promo Code Incentives:

The promo code acts as a discount code to the ticket buyer, giving them a slightly reduced price. We track how many code usages your promotions generate and will compensate you with a half price or free ticket, plus commission after you’ve earned your ticket. Watch your email inbox for the full details soon!

Please read the below requests:

Promo Code Restrictions:

When distributing this code please keep in mind these restrictions/requests:

  • This code is for you to pass along to your networks through personal communications, be that face-to-face, phone, email, IM, private groups, or text. On social media posts, you may mention your promo code in your own posts, but please do not comment on other people’s posts about Lucidity with your code – we do not want our promoters to come across as “spammy.”
  • Please do not spam the comments on any Lucidity channel with your promo code.
  • Please ask that your friends not publish your code publicly, but ask them to refer people to you personally or share your code via private messages with their friends.

The purpose of these restrictions is to encourage personal connection around our festival and to minimize the negative psychic costs associated with spamming.

You will also have the opportunity to earn your ticket by sharing social media content and in person by putting up posters or handing out flyers in your local area and at events. If you requested printed materials, we’ll be sending you some as soon as we have posters printed. You’ll receive more details about how these efforts will count towards your promo code uses soon.

THANK YOU for applying to be part of the team. You’ll be hearing back from us soon via email!

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