2018 Participant Applications

The narrative continues and you will be an integral part of the story. We welcome and look forward to your participation!

Branches Gallery Artist

In the heart of Lucidity, Branches Mobile Gallery showcases world class transformational, figurative and abstract art.

Apply to Exhibit


At Lucidity, I AM HEALING is a center for rejuvenation and healing, providing an array of modalities.

Apply to Heal


If you've got a good eye and your camera chops are on point, we want you on our Media Team!

Apply to Shoot


We are looking for members to capture the buzz of the event and get the word out!

Apply to Report


Volunteers are an essential component to the magic that is Lucidity. We are looking for motivated people like you!

Apply to Serve

Blog Contributor

Interested in getting your writing published and seen? We are looking for blog contributors.

Apply to Write


We are looking for high calibre DJ's and live musicians to grace the stages at Lucidity.

Apply to Perform

Workshop & Presenter

We are looking for those who engage mind, body and spirit with unique presentations and workshops.

Apply to Inspire

Installation & Environment

Put your creativity on the map, literally. Show us your installations, theme camps or environments.

Apply to Build

Food Vendor

If you can boast that your food is delicious AND sustainably sourced, we are looking for you!

Apply to Nourish

Merchant Vendor

We are looking for unique and talented artisans to promote their wares at Lucidity.

Apply to Delight


We are looking for magical performances on stage and woven throughout the Lucidity Festival.

Apply to Collaborate